Walking Dead Shirt Featuring Michonne

The Walking Dead has made quite an impact on audiences worldwide as it premiered at the height of the zombie craze. Premiering in 2010, the third season averaged 11.42 million viewers an episode, with an anticipated fourth season to premier in October 2013. With such a huge impact on pop culture, fans are pleased to seewalking dead shirt the introduction of Michonne in the third season. As women are infrequently portrayed as strong and commanding, Michonne flies directly in the face of this stereotype. Strong, independent and a survivor, Michonne is a woman that young girls everywhere can look up to! Perhaps this is why Walking Dead merchandise often features Michonne!

Walking Dead shirt, As Bad Ass as the Real Deal

The Walking Dead shirt, Michonne, has caused quite a frenzy. Taken straight out of the comic books, this looks more vintage as it pictures Michonne with her katana looking like she’s ready to strike. This strong and independent woman is not one to be messed with. Michonne has even been able to tame some Walkers, which she uses as mules and repellent. Shrouded in mystery, this Walking Dead shirt is much the same, as Michonne appears to be skulking in the dark.

Walking Dead Frenzy

Since it’s inception, the Walking Dead has become a worldwide phenomenon. With more viewers tuning in every week, the demand for Walking Dead shirts has skyrocketed, as everyone looks to show their support for their favorite show, with the Walking Dead shirt, Michonne, taking the leading position for one of the most popular available. Those looking to get in on this zombie craze should check out the Walking Dead store for all the cool new Walking Dead merchandise that becomes available!

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