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Looking for a blast from the past? How about a jolt! Get back to the early days of rock superstardom with the AC/DC ’75 Tour t-shirt!

AC/DC was formed a year before releasing their first studio album, “High Voltage”, in 1975. The subsequent tour, which is the inspiration for the AC/DC Tour 75 t-shirt, took place entirely in the adoptive home of founding members Angus and Malcolm Young, Australia! The design itself shows a blue circle with the band’s name in the center, lightning bolt and all and ’75 Tour underneath. Above and below the circle are the words High Voltage written in an electric font, all printed on a 100% cotton t-shirt.

Although AC/DC as a band was born in Australia, the brothers who founded the classic rock juggernaut were both born in Glasgow, Scotland! In Australia, it is common for people to refer to the band as “Acca Dacca” as opposed to pronouncing each letter individually. Feel the raw energy of AC/DC with the AC/DC Tour 75 t-shirt!

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