AC/DC T-Shirt - About To Rock Bolt

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Product Description

For anyone who has ever seen AC/DC live, you will understand what we mean when we say that when the boys hit the stage and start the show it’s like getting hit square in the chest with a cannonball. The AC/DC About to Rock Bolt T-shirt keeps it simple yet gets to the point fast and hard. A cannon ready to slam rock n roll into your ears at a million miles an hour, a lightning bolt that shocks your whole body, and their iconic toast “For those about to rock” and for that we salute you AC/DC. One of the hardest working rock bands on the planet and still to after all these years bringing you killer hits and awesome merchandise like the AC/DC About to Rock Bolt T-shirt. The boys in the band have made themselves larger than life and will go down in history, the least we can do is pull on an AC/DC About to Rock Bolt T-shirt and wear it with pride.

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