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            Bags are a handy way to keep crucial items close at hand at all times. A bag is history’s most prevalent way of conveniently transporting items from one location to another. Handbags come in a variety of styles with the most popular being backpacks. Why wear a boring backpack to school when you could have a cool backpack that shows off what music you like?

            Purses and messenger bags are also enjoying a spike in popularity as band logo bags are becoming a popular way to express ones individuality. Messenger bags are quite popular due to the fact that most of them will conveniently hold a laptop. This style hand bag allows for larger items than a traditional purse would hold, while still following the same over one shoulder format.

            In addition to school bags and purses, tote bags are another convenient way to transport important items. Band logo tote bags are a cool way to show support for a musical group and are typically the most durable choice. A tote bag can be stuffed full of beach towels, bathing suits and sunscreen, take on a lot of sand, and withstand a trip through the washing machine all in one day.

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