Info About The Aardman Store

            Aardman animations is a British animations studio based in Bristol. It is perhaps best known for its work featuring Wallace and Gromit. The studios use stop motion clay animation techniques in its productions. Aardman stepped back from its Claymation roots in 2006 to help create the Dreamworks film, Flushed Away. Aardman got their name from one of their early characters, a super hero. Aardman roughly translates from Dutch to Earthman, or more commonly, “Goblin.”

            Aardman has also paired up with DC Comics and the Cartoon Network to bring the world a series of Claymation shorts to promote Cartoon Network’s “DC Nation.” Available in the Aardman store is a variety of different Aardman merchandise depicting these superheroes in comical ways. The most prevalent is the Superman Aardman shirts, which depict Superman with an intense love of cookies. A fan favorite has become the Aardman shirt, “Cookies to the Rescue!” indicative of the loveable silliness that marks the shorts.

            DC Nation premiered in March 2012 and has hit popularity amongst viewers. Fans of Aardman, DC, and Claymation in general have all expressed love for the Aardman shorts. As they show the superheroes in a more humane and silly way, the characters are loveable and unique, which has only served to promote the popularity of the show.

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