Adventure Time Lounge Pants - Jake Attack

  • Double X-Large (2XL)

Product Description

If you love being the center of attention while wearing cozy jammies, then these Adventure Time lounge pants are for you!

Jake the Dog has used his body changing abilities to turn himself into these comfortable, 100% cotton Adventure Time lounge pants. Mustard yellow in color and covered with the many faces of Jake, these pants are perfect for relaxing, or going to explore whimsical world with your best friend! Made to fit sizes S-XXL, with an adjustable drawstring waist, so that everyone can enjoy the comfort and softness of a magic, shape-shifting dog!

Jake the Dog has transformed into wearable clothing before, he actually will become a suit for Finn to wear and use as armor! Imagine you are Finn in the “Jakesuit” every time you wear these Adventure Time lounge pants and you are sure to have adventures!

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