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Aerosmith started making rock music in 1970 and have not stopped rocking since. Hailed as ‘The Bad Boys Of Boston’, they are credited as being an ultimate all-time favorite band. The original line-up included: Steven Tyler belting out the tunes, Tom Hamilton on bass, Brad Whitford and Joe Perry playing the guitar and Joey Kramer keeping the beat on the drums. Their first single, ‘Sweet Emotion’, rocked the band into fame and the hits just kept coming. It’s no surprise Aerosmith is considered America’s favorite rock band, they’re album sales in the United States are unprecedented in their genre.

                With so many tour dates under their belts and repeated success on the charts over the years, it’s no surprise this is a band with a loyal and multi-generational fan base. It’s due to this immense love for the music that the fans want to own more than one piece of Aerosmith merchandise in their lifetime. The most coveted Aerosmith hoodie of all time is the brown Aerosmith logo design. The popularity of Aerosmith t-shirts has suffered no decline as a good Aerosmith t-shirt is a staple in any music lover’s wardrobe.

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