Info About The Alice In Wonderland Store

            Alice In Wonderland is a tale from the imagination of Lewis Carroll that was later adapted into an animated film for children, by Disney in 1951. Children everywhere fell in love with the thrill seeing Alice adventure though such a strange place brought on and once again her story became engrained in pop culture. In 2010, Director Tim Burton made a computer animated film based on the concept of Alice In Wonderland thus reviving the cult love for these backward and very curious characters.

            Tim Burton’s version of the story lends itself to the most visually bold characters the text has ever been paired with and has fans buying up Alice In Wonderland merchandise like it is bricks of gold. If you’re wondering what the best kept secret in terms of Alice In Wonderland t-shirts, you’ve got to see the Cheshire Cat Turquoise shirt and its hidden pockets and comfortable structure are sure to delight fans of most ages.

            The Cheshire Cat is a quizzical creature who’s teeth are often seen floating in the air. When this feline decides to make a grand exit, he knows the exiting the scene teeth-last is a sure way to make an impression. Though he comes off as a sneak, it turns out he has a heart of mostly gold in the end and ends up assisting Alice on her vivid adventure through wonderland.

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