Info About The Avenged Sevenfold Store

                Avenged Sevenfold own their breed of new heavy metal and call Huntington Beach, California home. They started playing together in 1998 and soon found touring to be a lucrative endeavor.  They signed to Warner Bros. Records in 2004 and began recording a new album. Just five years later, The Rev was found deceased in his home and the band contemplated dissolving during this time. Rather than let the loss of their friend defeat them, A7X dedicated their next album to James ‘The Rev’ Sullivan and made a transition to a less scream based format adding more vocal style.

                After the loss of The Rev, Avenged Sevenfold gained an enormous Twitter following and felt an incredible outpouring of fan support. With fans as loyal as these, it’s no surprise Avenged Sevenfold merchandise is a hot ticket that people everywhere are going crazy to get their hands on. The latest Avenged Sevenfold shirt is an excellent example of the evolution of the bands musical output and has a subtle maturity that makes it great for a good night out.

                In addition to t-shirts, Avenged Sevenfold beanie hats are a fan favorite because of their rich design. If you go to any concerts in the future, you will be sure to see a few of these in the crowd.

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