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           Clothing & Apparel is an essential way to express your personality and to show the world a glimpse of your personal preferences and inclinations with a visual.  In the past few decades, band t-shirts and hoodies have become a popular way to express support for one’s favorite musical ensembles.  Though clothing is not limited to these two garment choices, they take the wardrobe majority cake in this day and age.

            A t-shirt is typically made from preshrunk 100% cotton or a heathered 50/50 soft poly/cotton blend. The name t-shirt is derived from the shape of the garment and the placement of the neck and arm holes. T-shirts come with many variations including length of sleeve, neckline and location of the print. A round neckline is the most common, but in terms of women’s clothing, the V-neck is increasingly popular. In terms of print, the all over print shirt is an emerging style that is gaining popularity in the metal genre, while traditional front and back prints remain the standard.

            In addition to band shirts, hoodies are another popular way to layer up in the cool weather while still being able to maintain individuality. Good band hoodies usually get a lot of mileage and provides the ultimate comfort factor for students and adults with a background in any lifestyle. While this hoodie is an old school pull over style, the zip-up style, dual pocket hoodies are becoming increasingly popular.

            Clothing certainly doesn’t stop at offerings for teens and adults, we can’t forget about baby clothes which at some point, all of us have worn. Band logo baby clothes and entertainment logo baby jumpers have become increasingly popular and now you can find hilarious baby clothes or jumpers that feature your favorite band so you can show off your new mini-fan!

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