About The Band Wallets Store

            Band wallets are generally crafted from top quality leather and are typically a trifold style that fastens securely with two metal snaps. Band wallets usually come with a removable wallet chain that can be secured to your pants with ease. Alternatively, some are made from PVC rubber and nylon with a Velcro closure.

            Band wallets have plenty of space to store items like IDs, cash, debit cards, photos and whatever else you wish to keep near and dear to your fanny. Iron Maiden wallets are a good example of the functionality of a tri-fold wallet and show a great visual of how detailed the graphics and colors can be.

            The Nintendo wallet called ‘Controller PVC’ is the top selling wallet in this store and is a prime example of the versatility of PVC. It’s also a killer throwback to the early days of gaming and a fun conversational piece. Now if only there was a cheat code that would level your wallet up with cash.

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