About The Studded Belts & Belt Buckles Store

            Belts and belt buckles go hand in hand when it comes to securing the location of your pants. A belt buckle makes the perfect statement piece for expressing individual style and can be attached to any snap belt so the combinations are virtually endless.

            Band belts also come in a wide variety of styles and are typically crafted from fine quality leather that is built to withstand whatever chaos a music fan throws at it. Leather belts are the most common type of belt becuase they are durable and last a long time. All of these belts come with a snap closure and can be used to wear any type of belt buckle that fits standard belts.

            Studded belts typically feature two to four rows of pyramid studs and come in a vast offering of color choices though the classic three row silver studded belt, on black leather, remains the most popular to date. An awesome new take on the studded belt sees the use of brighter colored leather and the introduction of new stud shapes. The two row silver lightning bolt studded belt on blue leather is a fascinating display of this twist a classic style.

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