Info About The Bad Religion Store

            Bad Religion is a punk rock band that formed in 1979 in Los Angelos. While the band received some attention for their early work, it was not until their eighth studio album, Stranger than Fiction, that they received widespread attention. The band is noted for their lyrical stylings, which often include lyrics related to social responsibility. And despite their logo, the band does not consider themselves to be an antitheist band. Finally, their music has had an impact on the punk rock music scene through their influence on the Offspring, NOFX and Rise Against. More than just their influence, however, they are one of the best-selling punk rock bands of all time.

            Bad Religion is best known for their logo which has a cross, crossed out. Fans know this logo as the ‘Crossbuster.’ This is featured on a lot of different Bad Religion merchandise, but is also featured on the best selling Bad Religion t-shirt. Controversial in nature, this shirt has been known to raise eyebrows in public, but this has not stopped fans from showing their support for their favorite band. Fans looking to support this band in a more covert fashion will be pleased to see that Bad Religion buttons are also available with less controversial imagery.

            Bad Religion’s music has been featured in a number of different films over the years including Clerks, while the logo has appeared in Juno and SLC Punk! With such mainstream acknowledgement, Bad Religion is a band that is sure to remain in the scene for a while yet. Consequently, fans looking to amp up their Bad Religion t-shirt collection should keep an eye on the Bad Religion store, because you never know what cool new Bad Religion merchandise will pop up!

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