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            A fun bandana is a versatile accessory and is traditionally used as a covering for the head, though trends emerging in the last quarter century have seen the bandana tied around additional body parts. This trend caught on and was led in part by the great Jimi Hendrix who often tied a bandana around his knees, during his legendary stage performances. In addition to Hendrix, other famous people who helped to popularize the bandana include legendary rap artist the late Tupac Shakur, and Rosie the Riveter.

            Bandanas come in a wide range of colors and expression, and are not limited to any one pattern, though there is one pattern that has taken bandana culture by storm. Paisley is a detailed pattern originating in India that is widely recognizable and available in virtually every color.  Leopard print bandanas have also made a big splash as animal prints are worked into wardrobes everywhere.  

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