Anarchy Cloth Patch - Anarchy Now


Product Description

What do we want? ANARCHY! When do we want it? NOW! Make a statement in the face of change with this Anarchy Now cloth patch!

Itís hard to miss this iconic image of societal reform and revolution, and now you can wear it with pride! The war cry of the masses, ďANARCHY NOW!Ē, is printed on a black, 4.5 inch by 5 inch patch in white font. The O in now also features the recognizable anarchy A, doubling the revolutionary force behind the statement! Use the Anarchy Now cloth patch as a threat against the federal fat-cats and their hidden agendas!

By the people, for the people! Itís how it should be! If youíre tired of the mysterious, shadowy figures of government running the country with their own interests in mind, fight back with the Anarchy Now cloth patch from ROCKWORLDEAST!

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