Better Call Saul T-Shirt - Yellow Page Ad

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The true hallmark of a great lawyer is when you can find an advertisement for them the yellow pages. They’re more than likely old school, by the book, and a real go getter. Then again, it could also mean that they’re a total joke that still hasn’t found success and is vastly behind the digital world. This new Better Call Saul Yellow Page Ad T-shirt is for those of you who still can’t decide. Would you really want Saul Goodman defending you? Let’s be honest, he’s swift, keen, and inventive…but also a total joke that could send you up the river. Up the river wearing a Better Call Saul Yellow Page Ad T-shirt, but up the river none the less. The man did defend Walter White for quite some time, and lord knows that couldn’t have been a walk in the park, so let’s give credit where credit is due, and support Mr. Goodman by wearing a Better Call Saul Yellow Page Ad T-shirt.

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