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Hold on to your seats ladies and gentlemen, and grasp the badness of this awesome Breaking Bad tee. The shirt features a hazardous gas mask with the words Cap`n Cook below. The mask is most likely represents the gas masks Walk and Jesse would be sporting during the meth cooking process. Cap`n Cook is without a doubt referring to the one and only Walter White. The print on this shirt is done in a sharp yellow, on top of a 100% high quality black cotton shirt.

Breaking Bad is a drama series that first premiered in 2008 on AMC. The shows follows Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, who is a high school chemistry teacher who gets the devastating news that he has cancer. After finding this out, he realizes there is no way he can possibly pay to support his family and pay for his cancer treatment, and thatís when everything gets very interesting. The show has won seven Primetime Emmy Awards and Cranston has won several awards for his role as Walter White.

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