Metal Cloth Patch - Pentagram


Product Description

The Pentagram has been associated with many different cultures and beliefs, but is most commonly connected to Satan, which makes this Pentagram cloth patch all the more brutal!

The pentagram is enclosed in a circle, pointed downward, with the image of ancient deity Baphomet in the forefront. The design is printed, in white, on a black 4.5 inch by 5 inch cloth patch. The visage of Baphomet has been connected to “The Sabbatic Goat”, an old drawing which is sort of a 19th century version of a Yin Yang, representing opposites coming together to bring balance to our otherwise chaotic lives. Although this image has been adopted as a corporate logo by modern Satanists, this Pentagram cloth patch represents the ideals of many religions while simultaneously scaring the crap out of Christians. Awesome!

Whether you truly subscribe to the Church of Satan, believe in the duality of life, or are just super into goats and goat paraphernalia, this Pentagram patch is a great addition to any item of clothing, or possibly a quilt!

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