Zombie Cloth Patch - Zombie Team


Product Description

The Few, the proud, the ridiculously prepared! Show that you are ready for the zombie apocalypse with the Zombie Outbreak Response Team cloth patch!

When the outbreak starts, and its coming soon, you want to be ready for it! The best way to fight is with preparedness, just like boy scouts. Unlike boy scouts you will be battling undead hell-spawn suffering from a virus that you too could contract with the smallest bite. So maybe forget about tying knots and learn to shoot straight and avoid teeth!

Regardless, this 5 inch by 5 inch Zombie Outbreak Response Team cloth patch will alert others to your skills, using a skull, two machetes and a biohazard symbol. That imagery screams, Im a bad ass zombie killer, get outta my way, I GOT THIS!

No matter who is with you in the end, you will have proven yourself a leader in the face of foreboding death and decomposing enemies. Pick up a Zombie Outbreak Response Team cloth patch and show your worth to humanity in the bitter end!

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