Grumpy Cat Baby Clothes - No

  • 18-24 Months

Product Description

Itís never too early to be cynical! Get the youngsters started with the Grumpy Cat No baby jumper!

All a parent wants is a happy baby, but once they start talking you know what their favourite word will be? Thatís right, NO! Grumpy Cat is basically the spirit animal to babies and toddlers everywhere! With its permanent scowl and general lack of interest, the internet famous feline on the Grumpy Cat NO Baby Jumper will be the perfect contrast to a bubbly baby smile!

This kitty may have been named Grumpy Cat by the internet community, but her real name is Tardar Sauce. Well, no wonder the cat wonít smile! Give your child the gift of apathy with the Grumpy Cat NO Baby jumper!

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