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In Starling City, there is a man who is equally feared and beloved by the masses, this man hides under a green hood, and he stands menacingly on our Arrow Shadowed Vigilante t-shirt.
Oliver Queen had a pretty sweet life; he was the heir to a multi-billion dollar company, handsome, and charming with the ladies. Until one day he went missing and everything changed! After being lost at sea for 5 years, he returned home a changed man, the man you see on the Arrow Shadowed Vigilante t-shirt. Armed with a bow and arrow and some mysterious fighting skills and strength, Queen becomes The Arrow, to avenge his late father and protect his fair city from those who seek to destroy it. If you are a fan of the new hit CW tv show, or just a fan of comics and superheroes in general, be sure to grab a new Arrow Shadowed Vigilante t-shirt!

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