Captain America Girls Football T-Shirt - Shield Logo

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Product Description

If there’s one thing Captain America teaches us, it’s that anyone can be a super hero! Even though mild mannered Steve Rogers needed an injection of Super Soldier Serum to reach his super status, you can get a little closer by donning our new Captain America Shield Logo Girls football tee!

Adorned in the signature red, white and blue and emblazoned with Captain America’s trusty shield, the Captain America Shield Logo girls football tee speaks to comic book lovers everywhere! You will feel safe and strong, channeling the most patriotic superhero of the 1940’s!

FUN FACT! In the comics, Captain America’s shield is made from a very strong, very rare metal alloy of steel and fictional Vibranium! An attempt to recreate this alloy, a scientist created Adamantium, which Marvel fans will know as the metal compound used to create Wolverine’s metallic skeleton!

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