The Incredible Hulk T-Shirt - Marvel Comics

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You ever feel so angry you just want to smash something? Do you feel like you become someone else when you’re mad? Do you turn green and gargantuan as well? If you said yes to any or all of these questions, perhaps you are the in fact the hulk on our new The Incredible Hulk Marvel Comics t-shirt!

Bruce Banner was a mild mannered scientist, who was caught in a blast of gamma ray bomb trying to save a civilian who had wandered into his testing site. The radiation from the accident had major side effects on Banner, who would turn into a large, green monstrosity when angry. This alternate personality, and the Star of our The Incredible Hulk Marvel Comics t-shirt, was named the Hulk by a soldier before he knew it was the good doctor! Our green, 100% cotton t-shirt declares “I’m The Incredible Hulk” with a picture of the famous marvel hero in the center. Make a scene with our not to be missed The Incredible Hulk Marvel Comics t-shirt!

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