Wolverine T-Shirt - Vintage Marvel

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Product Description

One of Marvel’s most popular and rebellious characters, Wolverine has hacked and slashed his way into the hearts of comic lovers for decades! Let him slice his way into your heart too with the Wolverine Vintage Marvel t-shirt!

Being born a mutant is hard, especially when you were born in late 1800’s Alberta! James Howlett or “Logan” has a long and dejected past, long before he became Wolverine of the X Men, as seen on the Wolverine Vintage Marvel t-shirt! He was born with a retractable bone claws that come through his knuckles, as well as a regenerative healing ability that makes him virtually immortal. Sounds pretty sweet, eh? Not when you’re a freak of society, but Wolverine did find a place in the X Men! Celebrate overcoming adversity with the Wolverine Vintage Marvel t-shirt!

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