X-Men T-Shirt - All My Exes

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Product Description

Look out Scott Pilgrim, if a girl has dated any or all of the guys on our X Men All my Exes t-shirt, exercise Xtreme caution!

Featured above on our new X Men All My Exes t-shirt, are five major players in the mutant superhero team the X Men. Each of these characters from the classic comic series have unique abilities that would really suck for you if your new girlfriend happens to be the object of their affection. Cyclops and Wolverine could each slice and dice you using either of their powers, Colossus is huge, able to become SOLID STEEL and would obviously kick your butt, and Nightcrawler, while creeping in shadows and generally freaking everyone out can also teleport through reality itself! Professor X would probably just use his brains to convince your girl to trade up, and we donít disagree, Professor X is quite the catch! Take your pick with the X Men All my Exes t-shirt!

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