Black Metal Pentagram T-Shirt

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Product Description

Here we have our Pentagram t-shirt!

Printed on a black 100% cotton top the pentagram t-shirt features a large white image of a pentagram with a Baphomet head overlaid on top.

Baphomet was the name of a pagan idol rumored to be worshiped by the Knights Templar in the 14th century. The Baphomet image was then drawn in 1856 as we frequently see it today as a deity representing good and evil, man and woman.

The pentagram is today frequently referred to as an Image of Solomon, giving ties to freemasonry, As well as the 5 elements in paganism and in medieval times in Christianity as the 5 wounds of Jesus. However, the pentagram t-shirt features the image reversed with the top mark pointing down to hell rather than its normal counterpart pointing to heaven.

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