Ugly Christmas Sweater Tees - Humping Reindeer

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Product Description

What would Christmas be without a loving couple of humping reindeer? Get your humping reindeer t-shirt today!

Christmas: a time of joy, a time of laughter and a time for togetherness. These reindeer definitely know how to celebrate! Be a hit at your Yuletide gatherings with this mildly inappropriate Humping Reindeer print! Illustrated above are two red reindeer engaged in the act of love on the center of the print, above a row of red hearts. They are surrounded by snowfall with a triad of white pine trees in the background, all printed on a green, 100% cotton t-shirt.

Reindeer are not traditionally a monogamous species. Successful male reindeer can mate with up to 20 females in a single mating season! However, it is much more endearing to believe that the humping reindeer of this design are truly in love and enjoying their romantic holiday together.

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Ugly Christmas Sweater Tees