Info About The Basketball Jerseys Store

            Basketball Jerseys came into popularity as a fashion statement in the early 90’s. They were seen as a good way to show support for a favorite team, while at the same time were a comfortable way to cool off in the summer. The trend took hold first in warmer states where rappers, skateboarders and people who liked to work out found sleeveless shirts less obstructive and heat inducing than a regular t-shirt. People took notice and before long, basketball jerseys were prevalent in rap culture and street fashion, and were acceptable (if not preferred) attire to wear to sporting events. 

            A typical basketball jersey is made from 100% polyester with a higher sheen than most other fabrics provide. It can be a solid or mesh like fabric and is characterised by its lack of sleeves and the presence of an NBA athletes name and player number displayed prominently on the back. The sleeves and neck are reinforced with a rib knit finish that adds to the comfort and wear-ability of the garment.

            Due in part to their rising popularity, traditional basketball jerseys are now being parodied in clever ways that reach beyond the realm of professional sports. A good example of this is the Nightmare Before Christmas Basketball Jersey entitled Skellington. Here we see the last name of the main character in Tim Burton’s famous stop motion film on the back of the jersey with a giant image of his face on the front. Some of the most popular items in this store are the Wiz Khalifa Basketball Jerseys and the Bob Marley Jerseys.

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