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Batman is an extremely wealthy yet otherwise ordinary American citizen who spends his days as the main topic of a blossoming comic collection that saw him become an international icon. Since the comic days, Batman has been filmed from several different cast, script and directing perspectives. Seven actors have filled the large spandex britches of the crime fighter, with coolest gadgets on the planet, most notably Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale.

                According to the movies, the Bat Symbol is a good way to get ahold of Batman should you find yourself in a real pickle. In case you don’t have access to one, you could substitute with the Batman Lamp, it’d look great on the bed side table of a huge fan. This symbol under gone slight changes over the years but has remained true to concept and withstood the test of time. Due to the popularity of Batman himself, the likeability of his trusty side kick and the amount of incredibly cool weapons and cars Batman has access to, Batman merchandise is some of the most fun and dynamic collectors pieces any fan could own. It doesn’t stop at Batman t-shirts either; there are all kinds of truly memorable pieces that belong in your collection. Take the Batman apron for example; picture yourself standing behind the grill wearing that. You could be Batman and the grill master all in one fell swoop!

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