Info About Blood On the Dance Floor Store

            Blood on the Dance Floor is an American electronica duo formed in 2007. The duo currently consists of Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe, who have released several studio albums since the band’s formation. The band has frequently collaborated with Jeffree Star and the two have toured together in the past. However, recently

            Fans of Blood on the Dance Floor will instantly recognize Blood on the Dance Floor merchandise by its bright, vibrant and colorful designs. Using cartoon imagery, the band takes the controversy that surrounds them to create strange and surreal designs Blood on the Dance floor t-shirts that fans have come to know and love. Fan favorite, the Let’s Eat Blood on the Dance Floor t-shirt, features a cat eating a heart and has become incredibly popular!

            Blood on the Dance Floor has capitalized on the popularity of the scenecore movement, and shows no sign of slowing down. Known for their aggressively sexualized lyrics, the band has certainly made an impact on the popular music scene. Keep an eye on the Blood on the Dance Floor store, because with this increase in popularity, the band is sure to release many more awesome Blood on the Dance Floor t-shirts.

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