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            Breaking Bad is a drama series that premiered in 2008 on AMC. The show centers on Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with cancer. In order to ensure financial security for his family after his death, he turns to a life of crime, manufacturing and selling crystal meth with a former student of his, Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul. The show has been met with widespread acclaim and has developed a large fan following. The show has won seven Primetime Emmy Awards and Cranston has won several awards for his role as Walter White.

            Breaking Bad has struck a chord with it’s audience, as everyman Walter White struggles with his cancer diagnosis. In turning to a life of crime to support his family, he also develops an alter ego, Heisenberg, which he uses to conceal his identity. Heisenberg, a more dramatic and aggressive version of White, has become a favorite part of the show for many fans, which has resulted consequently in the creation of several different Breaking Bad t-shirts, all available in the Breaking Bad store. White’s iconic sunglasses and hat are recognizable by any fan, and make for a great Breaking Bad t-shirt. With so many different Breaking Bad t-shirts to choose from, fans will have difficulty sticking to just one!

            The Breaking Bad store is notorious for it’s great and unique Breaking Bad t-shirts. Girls will be pleased to know that girl’s Breaking Bad t-shirts are available with a more slim cut to show their support for the show. Several different designs are also available in a unisex cut that are sure to inspire jealousy in any Breaking Bad fan everywhere. As fans everywhere crave to express their love for this great show, you can be sure that tons of new and great Breaking Bad merchandise is sure to be released in the future!

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