Info About the My Little Pony Store

            My Little Pony is a franchise created by Hasbro, the latest installment of which is the Friendship is Magic series. This follows the pony Twighlight Sparkle and her adventures in Ponyville with her friends as they learn about friendship and harmony. The show has received a great deal of praise, as the characters are very well developed and the story lines are interesting, funny, and also well developed. This praise has extended to a group of fans, mostly adult males, who refer to themselves as ‘bronies.’ This was an unintentional audience, but an audience non the less that the writers have since accepted and embraced.

            The show’s success with older fans has created a wealth of My Little Pony merchandise aimed at adults. With subtle nods to this audience, a fan favorite has become the girls My Little Pony The Doctor t-shirt. This shirt features the pony, Time Turner (originally called Dr. Whooves), and is a reference to the show Doctor Who.  There are several other different girls My Little Pony shirts available, including one which shows the ponies hugging and is branded ‘pega sisters’ – a term used to describe the female older fans of the show.

            Most of the available My Little Pony apparel features Rainbow Dash, a fan favorite on the show. Rainbow Dash represents loyalty and is responsible for the weather in Ponyville. She is iconic and well recognized, hence her representation on the My Little Pony shirts. Accompanying her on a number of the shirts is the term ‘Brony’, a term coined by the older fans of the show to describe themselves. Finally, one of the most unique items offered in the My Little Pony store is the My Little Pony hoody. This is a bright blue hoody that zips over your face and creates the appearance of Rainbow Dash – complete with rainbow Mohawk!

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