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            Bruce Lee was a Chinese American actor born in San Francisco, California in 1940. Although born in the United States, his father, a Hong Kong opera singer returned back to Hong Kong along with his family in 1941. As a young child, Lee was not so much interested in school and more so interested in martial arts and bodybuilding. In 1946, Lee appeared in his first of many films as a child actor, as an extra. He soon became involved with a gang and his mother sent him back to the United States before his 18th birthday so he could claim his dual-citizenship and avoid ending up in jail.

           After arriving in the US, he soon picked up a job teaching the Wing Chun style of martial arts that he learned while in Hong Kong. While perfecting his skills in martial arts like karate and kung-fu, he also studied philosophy at the University of Washington. Shortly after, Lee landed his first show business role as Kato in The Green Hornet, a 1966-67 TV superhero drama made by the creators of Batman. Although, Lee was unable to reach mainstream Hollywood success, therefore he returned to Hong Kong to make Films.

            His martial arts debut in 1971 almost immediately became a cult favourite, and the world-wide martial arts craze began. The film set box office records in Asia and producers in Hollywood finally gave him the opportunity to star in an action movie, although Lee died a month before the release of his first US film, Enter the Dragon. Lee is widely recognized as the king of kung-fu, why not kick some kung-fu butt while sporting one of our great Bruce Lee shirts! In our store we offer a variety of Bruce Lee shirts, one of our fan favourites being “The way of the Dragon” shirt.

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