Info About Bullet For My Valnetine Store

            Bullet for my Valentine is a metalcore band hailing from Bridgend, Wales. Formed in 1998, the band consists of lead vocalist/guitarist Matt Tuck, lead guitarist Michael Paget, bassist Jason James and percussionist Michael Thomas. Originally formed under the name Jeff Killed John, the band started their career by covering Metallica and Nirvana songs. Jeff Killed John recorded six songs while under that name, although two of those tracks were re-released later in their career as songs for Bullet for my Valentine.

            In 2002, the bands musical direction changed which influenced the name change. They also secured a deal with Sony BMG under which, they would release five albums. Unlike many bands, Bullet for my Valentine has managed to put up with each other enough to not kick anyone or replace one of the members. Sounds like a couple of well-behaved Welsh boys, no? Bullet for my Valentine’s musical style is said to be influenced by such bands as Metallica, Iron Maiden and Slayer. Bullet for my Valentine shirts are much like their music, involving gruesome images with lyrics of despair.

           In our store, we offer a variety of Bullet for my Valentine shirts for both men and women, one of our most popular being our “automatics” shirt. This shirt features a baby sporting a red tutu, gas-mask and eye patch, while emptying two semi-automatic machine guns into the sky. Above the hard-core baby is the band’s name printed in red. For awesome Bullet for my Valentine shirts and more, check out our store.

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