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           CKY is a band originally hailing from West Chester, Pennsylvania. Originally formed in 1992, when friends Deron Miller and Jess Margera met in high school math class, they eventually formed the group Foreign Objects. The duo released a 5 song EP, but over the next year started to focus less on releasing metal and focus more on releasing radio friendly music under the name Oil, though continuing to record Foreign Objects work on the side. After picking up a third bassist, Ryan Bruni, they released two more EP’s under Foreign Objects.

            When recording a full length debut album, the Oil trio met producer Chad Ginsburg who was asked to join the group permanently as their second guitarist. The addition of the new member marked the ending of Oil and the beginning of CKY, as the band stopped trying to be mainstream and changed their name to Camp Kill Yourself. The band soon linked up with Jess Margera’s brother who was a pro- skateboarder, and started to make goofy videos using CKY’s tunes as the soundtrack. CKY has become very popular amongst fans and skateboarding enthusiast alike, with CKY shirts and merchandise being similarly popular.

In our store, you will find a variety of CKY shirts and other cool merchandise. One of our most popular CKY shirts is a black tee with the simple CKY logo across the chest. Find great CKY shirts and merchandise by visiting our CKY store.

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