Deadmau5 T-Shirt - Neon Green Dead

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Product Description

What goes great with techno and electronica? That’s right, BRIGHT COLOUR! Combine the two into the perfect Deadmau5 Neon Green Dead t-shirt!

Deadmau5 is definitely known for being flashy and out there, and that is clearly reflected in our new Deadmau5 Neon Green Dead t-shirt. The neon blue and green used in this design make both the word “DEAD” and the iconic “Mau5”head pop off the shirt. This design is subtle compared to what you would expect from the world famous DJ, but nevertheless it makes a statement.

Deadmau5’s real name is Joel Zimmerman, and he is a Canadian performer. His family has ancestry in Germany, which could be the inspiration for his stage name. Mau5, or maus if you use proper lettering is the German word for mouse! Disney is investigating whether the “Mau5head” symbol is a ripoff of their corporate spokesmouse, Mickey Mouse, but if you are Team Deadmau5, be sure to show your support with the Deadmau5 Neon Green Dead t-shirt!

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