Funny T-Shirts - Don't Ask About My Tattoos Dark Blue

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Product Description

Do you ever just want to yell, ďI am a human being, not a sketchbook! Donít Ask me about my F***ING TATTOOS!Ē but are afraid you will look like a terrible person, or damage your vocal chords out of sheer fury? Well then say it with our new Donít Ask me about my Tattoos T-shirt from ROCKWORLDEAST!

This ďsubtleĒ yet effective design is printed on a Navy blue, 100% cotton shirt, and uses a nautical motif to encourage others to stay back from your temple. Rock the Donít Ask me about my Tattoos t-shirt and let people know you need your personal space.

Just because you decided to paint your skin with ink as an extension of yourself, does not mean other people can touch or comment on it on a daily basis!

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