G.I. Joe T-Shirt - Commando

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Product Description

I’m sure you’ve been wondering where to get sweet retro style G.I Joe t-shirts online, well look no further than this G.I Joe t-shirt featuring Snake Eyes. In the immortal words of America’s toughest team against evil, “Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!”

This action- packed print features the classic G.I Joe logo on top of the image with the words Commando Code Name : Snake Eyes underneath in a small white font. The main graphic shows the aforementioned Snake Eyes Jumping at you from an explosion, wearing his typical ninja attire and accompanied by his loyal wolf, Timber!

Snake Eyes was a Special Operations Ninja for the G.I Joes. Very little is known about his true identity, since he hasn’t been known to speak, but according to Marvel’s history, Snake Eyes served in the Vietnam War and had a twin sister, whose picture he kept close at all times.

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