Harley Quinn T-Shirt - Bomb

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Product Description

What do you get for the “Mr. J” in your life? Well that’s simple really, you get them the Harley Quinn Bomb T-shirt and watch their face light up with excitement…and then phase into maniacal laughter…you know, because of how pleased they are with their new t-shirt. Doctor Harleen Francis Quinzel is one of the most bad ass and ruthless characters in the Batman series. Girlfriend and sidekick or sorts to the Joker and close personal friend of Poison Ivy, this chick is not to be messed with. Anyone who wears the Harley Quinn Bomb T-shirt is giving off vibe that they, or at least their girlfriend, are not to be messed with. For all the true Harley Quinn fans out there, make sure you get this awesome Harley Quinn Bomb T-shirt before Suicide Squad comes out and she becomes the next big fad! But just remember, true fans will always stand out amongst the bandwagoners!

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