Captain America Pullover Hoodie - Shield

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Do you guys know that Captain America’s first appearance came in 1941, on the cover of Captain America Comics #1, in which he is depicted giving Adolph Hitler a vicious haymaker! Talk about coming in with a bang! Every time you pull on your Captain America Shield Pull Over Hoodie, you can feel pride in knowing that your sweater doesn’t just say you like Captain America, but also that you hate Hitler! At the time of the first comics release it was selling over one million copies a month, which to put in perspective…that means it was outselling TIME Magazine at the time. Your Captain America Shield Pull Over Hoodie also supports equality for all races, as in 1969 the comic introduced The Flacon as the first ever black superhero. And in case you are having trouble deciding whether or not it’s worth it to buy the Captain America Shield Pull Over Hoodie, a mint condition copy of Captain America Comics #1, sold for ten cents back in 1941 now goes for roughly $115,000 today…so you know, might be a good thing to hold onto any Captain America memorabilia you can.

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