Deadpool One Piece - Costume

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Product Description

Do you like the style of today’s most fashionable mutated mercenaries, but can’t really deal with the tights? Loosen up with a Deadpool Costume one piece!

I’m sure if it were practical for all the wacky cartwheels and zany flips the infamous merc with the mouth does on a daily basis, Deadpool himself would totally rock the Deadpool Costume one piece. Alas, being the wittiest assassin this side of the Marvel universe, you have to make certain sacrifices, like comfort… and friends. Or perhaps the friends thing is just a result of Deadpool’s poor social skills and smart mouth. Whatever the case, we’re sure that after a long day of killing people and talking smack, Mr. Wade ”Deadpool” Wilson loves to kick off his shoes, throw on a Deadpool Costume one piece and watch a good Rom-Com, because why not, he’s nuts!

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