Godsmack T-Shirt - Classic Logo

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Product Description

Did you know where the name Godsmack comes from? Well according to lead singer, Sully Erna, it came from one day where he had been making fun of someone for having a cold sore, only to have one himself the next day, and someone said It looks like God smacked you in the face for making fun. And the name stuck. Now, not that we want you to think of cold sores every time you put on your Godsmack Classic Logo Tee, but we think its an interesting story. Clearly Godsmack understands the value of karma and just how quickly it can find you. This also means that your Godsmack Classic Logo Tee has nothing to do with Alice in Chains, and you can decide whether that pleases you or upsets you. Either way, the Godsmack Classic Logo Tee is a great way to pay tribute to an awesome band that has been going strong for the past two decades

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