Notorious Big T-Shirt - Gold Crown

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Before he was Biggie Smalls, running for mayor, a rap Slayer, and hooker layer, he was simply Christopher George Latore Wallace. The image on the Notorious BIG Gold Crown t-shirt shows just that, a young baby biggie, diaper clad and rocking a mean afro and gold crown. This same image comes from the Notorious BIG’s 1994 debut album ‘Read to Die’. In actuality it isn’t Biggie on the album cover, or the Notorious BIG Gold Crown t-shirt. The baby in question is actually a young man named Keithroy Yearwood, now a grown man, who says that he got the gig through a simple casting call and was only payed $150 to end up being one of the most iconic babies in music history. Those are some pretty big bragging rights, and let’s be honest; he should be rocking one of the Notorious BIG Gold Crown t-shirts on a daily basis.

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