Pentagram Girls T-Shirt - Distressed White

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Product Description

The pentagram has a wide arrange of uses and meanings spanning all over the world, besides just being featured on our Distressed White Pentagram girls t-shirt!

The pentagram is typically and most widely accepted as relating to Christianity, whether it be a good omen, representing Jesus Christ and the wounds he endured during the Crucifixion, or being pointed upside down and inexplicably becoming a welcome mat for demonic forces to enter our world. However the pentagram, as featured on this Distressed White Pentagram girls t-shirt, is commonly used as a symbol of nature and the elements among many cultures.
In fact, in China they have a concept called Wu Xing, or the “Five Phases”. It features the five elements, according to Chinese Philosophy, which are Wood, Metal, Earth, Fire and Water. Wu Xing basically explains how everything must become something else, and the pattern is represented as a pentagram. So honour Mother Nature and the Circle of Life with a Distressed White Pentagram girls t-shirt.

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