Sign Of The Horns Sweatshirt - Devil's Horns

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Product Description

For the day when Hell freezes over, keep the eternal blaze alive (and your bones warm) with the Metal Horns Sweatshirt from ROCKWORLDEAST!

We printed our Metal Horns sweatshirt design on a 100% preshrunk, black cotton sweatshirt. The image is a recognizable one if you’ve ever been in a mosh pit! The classic devil horn handsign, which has been used heavily in music, particularly rock and roll, since 1969, is made by holding down your middle and ring fingers while allowing your index finger and pinky to stand up for the metal!
Although he was not the first person to be seen making the dark salute, the devil horns symbol was made popular by the Late Ronnie James Dio while he was in the band Black Sabbath. He learned it from his Italian grandmother who used it to ward off the “evil eye”. This ritual is connected to many Mediterranean cultures. But hey, just in case that doesn’t work against the demons, do like the hand on our Metal Horns sweatshirt and grab a spiked wristband, ya know, for protection.

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