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Product Description

Too much rock for one hand? How about two? Get a hand from us here at ROCKWORLDEAST and add another fistful of metal with the Metal Horns T-shirt!

If you’ve been to a rock show, you’ve probably seen the unofficial salute to Satan. The Metal Horns T-shirt shows a grey scale hand giving the famous handsign, using the index and pinky, while wearing an equally badass spiked wristband! The image is printed on a black 100% cotton t-shirt, and is perfect for any show where the band mentions death, hell, metal, norse mythology, or hardcore partying!
The symbol featured on our Metal Horns T-shirt also seems to be popular with University sports teams also, being used primarily by the University of Texas, accompanied by the Slogan “Hook ‘Em Horns”. Watch out where you throw up that hand sign Texas fans, you may just start a mosh pit at your tailgate party!

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