Star Trek T-Shirt - Mirror Mirror

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Product Description

A must have for any fan, this Star Trek t-shirt, printed on a grey, 100% cotton t-shirt, features an artistic representation of an iconic episode of the classic science fiction series. The image on the shirt shows one of the main characters, Spock, face to face with his evil doppelganger from a parallel universe. Above this, written in a futuristic, red font, is the episode name “Mirror, Mirror”, along with the name of the creator of the series, Gene Roddenberry. On the bottom of the Star Trek t-shirt print are the names of the main cast members from the episode as well as the writer and director.

In this episode Chief Officer Spock, the only Human/Vulcan hybrid aboard the USS Enterprise, loses the rest of the crew after a malfunction occurred with the ship’s transporter. Instead a group of evil, alternate versions of the team are beamed onto the Enterprise, and it is up to Spock to find a solution!

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