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Product Description

Set phasers to Stunning! Take a blast to the past with ROCKWORLDEAST’s Star Trek Oh My t-shirt!

Sulu, the handsome helmsmen of the U.S.S Enterprise, graces the front of this 100% cotton, pale blue shirt. The image provided for this Star Trek Oh My t-shirt is a shot of a young George Takei from the sci-fi classic, with what appears to be a yellow aura surrounding him, the colour of his uniform on the show! Across the bottom of the print read the words “Oh My!” , Takei’s iconic catchphrase, written in the Star Trek font.

Not only did the crew of the Enterprise routinely go “Where No Man has gone before”, but the show itself provided many influential moments in television history. Not only was it the first show to feature an interracial kiss, unheard of at the time, it is also seen as being the first show to feature an Asian character in a positive light. Celebrate Sulu and Star Trek’s light-years of progress with a Star Trek Oh My t-shirt!

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