Star Wars T-Shirt - Walker Blueprint

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Product Description

The fact that they even let this Star Wars Walker Blueprint out is astonishing to us. The shirt features the blueprints and schematics for the iconic AT-AT Walker. Think about that, should this Star Wars Walker Blueprint shirt fall into the wrong hands we could be seeing AT-AT Walkers popping up all over the globe. An All-Terrain Armoured Transport would definitely make your commute to work a hell of a lot easier, but think of the damage done to the city streets, buildings, and other vehicles just trying to get to work themselves. It just isnít practical for city living. Now maybe an AT-ST would be more suitable for metropolitan areas, but itís still a bit of a stretch. All we ask is that if you do purchase the Star Wars Walker Blueprint T-shirt that you keep it on the shirt. But hey, we arenít copsÖyou can do whatever you want.

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