Star Wars T-Shirt - Yoda Backpack

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Product Description

“Luke, give me a piggyback, you must. Go faster Luke, fun, this is.” This of course is what we assume Yoda is saying to Luke here in the timeless yet adorable photo on the Star Wars Yoda Backpack T-shirt. Have you ever had to give a piggyback to an elderly person, was it fun, would you do it again, or do you just with that it was you who got to carry Yoda around, like Mr. Skywalker here on the Star Wars Yoda Backpack T-shirt? What do you think Yoda smells like? Would you be weirded out by the feel of his tiny warm breath on the back of your neck? Do you think his scraggly white hairs would tickle you? How much do you think he weighs, and with that in mind…how long could you carry him before you had to stop and rest? These are all very important questions you must ask yourself before agreeing to give Yoda a piggyback, or even purchasing the Star Wars Yoda Backpack T-shirt.

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